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About Pranashama

Pranashama, created by Dashama, is a unique fusion yoga style that integrates the following elements: 

  • Yoga | Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Sivananda
  • Fitness | Functional, Core, & Cross Training
  • Dance | Modern, Hip Hop, Belly Dance, Ballet, Fire
  • Martial Arts | Qi Gong, Kung Fu, Thai Chi
  • Healing Arts | Thai Yoga & Self Massage
  • Meditation | Many Styles, Guided Yoga Nidra
  • Philosophy | Buddhist, Zen, Vedic and Tantric

This combined with a love of adventure, travel, nature, cutting edge anti-aging rituals, and nutritional and cleansing practices forms a perfect environment to “Discover the Fountain of Youth” and create a lifestyle based upon excellent health, service to humanity and living life with joy.

About Dashama

Dashama is a published author, athlete and multi-media producer with 23 instructional DVDs, multiple ebooks, and audio programs distributed internationally through walmart.com, bestbuy.com, barnes&noble.com, and target.com. A YouTube phenomenon, her online TV channel has grown to over 10 million viewers and 56,000+ subscribers. She is the creator of Pranashama Yoga Institute, Perfect 10 Lifestyle and 30 Day Yoga Challenge.

Dashama is an innovator in the field of mind-body fitness, credited in Wikipedia for being one of the first to demonstrate paddle board “SUP” Yoga.   She has been featured with Laird Hamilton in “The Art of Stand Up Paddle”, taught SUP Yoga at the Orange Bowl Paddle Championships in Miami and has partnered with and been sponsored by Nike, Puma, prAna, Zico, Vitamix & GoPro. Read More