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Experience yourself like never before

During this one of a kind, 30 Day Yoga Teacher Training Transformational Experience, you will dive deep into the root of your subconscious behavior and discover any limiting belief systems that are keeping you stuck, blocked from accessing your highest potential as a co-creative being and master of your destiny. Find your true essence in the exotic and sacred island of Bali and indulge in the richness of it’s deep culture. You have the option to attend for a transformational Yoga Retreat or become certified at 200/500 hour level. Please specify when you register which is your preference. Get in the best shape of your life and join our community as you discover a new you.

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Free access to 40 hour Yoga Teacher training online course when you register. In this unique online yoga teacher training course, you will learn over 40 hours of powerful Pranashama Yoga techniques, sequences and practices to apply to your own life and to share with others. Whether you are a yoga teacher, a yoga enthusiast or an aspiring teacher, this course will enlighten, transform and catalyze a shift within your body, mind and soul in many powerful ways.

In the Media

Dashama is featured and interviewed in notable media including, CBS, Fox news, Sunday Times UK, Livestrong, Times of India, Inc, TechCrunch, Miami Herald, Spa magazine, Spa Week Media,, Malibu Times, New York Yoga Magazine and, Dashama has partnered with numerous global corporate brands such as Waldorf Astoria, Sony Motion Picture Studios, Miami Dolphins NFL, Puma, Zico, Special Olympics Florida, Orange Bowl events and worked with celebrities such as Russell Simmons DefCon3, Clinton Global Initiatives, and Brad Pitt’s Make it Right Foundation. She is currently developing a docu-series reality TV show about the ‘Alohas World” healthy sustainable lifestyle transformation experiences she leads in Bali Indonesia and around the world.

The Prasha Method

Pranashama Yoga Teacher Training  The Prasha Method is a comprehensive yoga training system that incorporates 12 specific yoga workshops targeting each chakra to balance, strengthen and heal practitioners on all levels. In addition to the 7  Chakra series, the Prasha method includes Thai Yoga Massage, AcroYoga, Restorative and Yin Yoga, SUP Yoga, Guided Yoga Nidra Healing Meditation, Breathwork and other powerful and transformational modalities.  Read More on the Prasha Method 

Take this time to get to know yourself, sharpen your awareness and journey into your own mind and heart, to discover more of who you truly are and your divine purpose here on earth.

“2 Weeks into it I dropped 5 belt sizes, I can walk by the mirror now and really have pride in my body again. I have taken out 2 of my medications, so I’ve got 1 to go. I just love to have my confidence back and I have really gotten it back!”- Chris Alldredge

Bali Pranashama Coach: Dashama

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Founder of Pranashama Institute
Dashama Gordon

Dashama is an internationally known Teacher, Author and Lifestyle Coach. Founder of the Global 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Perfect 10 Lifestyle online Community, Yoga for Foster Children and Pranashama Yoga School. After a tumultuous childhood facing many challenges, she has triumphed over adversity. She now uses her own story to empower and inspire others to work through their own obstacles, by using the powerful yogic methods. Dashama’s lifelong interest in Health and Life Transformation, Conscious Human Evolution and Environmental Awareness have lead to the production of 4 best selling instructional Yoga DVDs and 2 books. Dashama began practicing yoga and holistic health and dietary methods as a child, with her mother and sisters. Throughout her life, Dashama has participated in many sports and activities, from rock climbing, hiking, softball, cheerleading, dancing, snowboarding, kiteboarding, diving, swimming, volleyball and cross country long distance running, in addition to many forms of martial arts and yoga.